BirdStop™ Commercial Grade Orchard Net

Protect your fruit trees, vegetable gardens, plants, and crops from birds. Polygro BirdStop™ Commercial Grade Orchard Netting can also be used in and around poultry sheds or as perimeter fencing to prevent other pests and animals from gaining access.

Bird Net canopy is an effective and economical way to protect crops, fruit trees, and berries from birds and other pests. The mesh size, shape, and structure keeps out birds while allowing excellent air circulation with minimal shading. It conforms easily to any shape and can either be draped directly over the crop (or tree) or fastened to a surrounding structure for complete coverage.


Product Code Description Width (m) Length (m) Grams per m2 Hole Size Colour
7120024 Orchard Net 5m 5m 45 GSM 15mm White
7120021 Orchard Net 5m 10m 45 GSM 15mm White
7120018 Orchard Net 10m 10m 45 GSM 15mm White
7120022 Orchard Net 5m 100m 45 GSM 15mm White
7120023 Orchard Net 5m 100m 45 GSM 15mm Black
7120019 Orchard Net 10m 100m 45 GSM 15mm White
7120020 Orchard Net 10m 100m 45 GSM 15mm Black


Manufactured from ( HDPE ) high density polyethylene yarn

  • The mesh is knitted hexagonal shape
  • The mesh aperture is 15mm when stretched open
  • Colours: Black or White
  • Weight: 45gram per m2
  • UV Treated – 10 Year pro-rata warranty against ultra violet damage
  • Reinforced selvedge of 150 mm each side
  • Polygro Blue and Green marker yarns on one side of net
  • Marker tags on edges of the net along the full length of the net to denote 10 Metre applied length
  • Centre marker yarns black or white for aligning net
  • Also available in pre packs White only 5m x 5m, 5m x 10m and 10m x 10m


  1. Commercial quality birdnet
  2. Increased filament denier for tougher handling and longer life
  3. Soft, knitted diamond mesh conforms easily and will not ladder
  4. Optimum weight for ease of use
  5. Reinforced edges
  6. Contrasting centre for proper positioning
  7. Simple to install (supported by basic post & wire frames or draped directly over)
  8. Ideal mesh size structure repels birds with minimal shading and excellent air circulation